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Baptist Churches of South Australia

March 29 - April 2*
Unity College, Murray Bridge
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All leaders are strongly encouraged to have a prayer partner for EC18 for support and encouragement.

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Please note you need to have completed your training within the past 3 years to be considered up-to-date.
If you have any questions about police checks or child protection training please contact Ruth on (08) 8357 1755 or at rgrace@sabaptist.asn.au

Have you ever been charged by the police for any offense or are there any charges pending? *

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I can attend the Leaders Training Day on Saturday 17th March from 10am to 4pm (lunch included). *

You will be contacted when a central location has been confirmed.
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Please contact Beth on (08) 8357 1755 or email bhoy@sabaptist.asn.au

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Please read the following statements carefully.

As part of camp we like to be able to share the photos and videos of camp on social media and with the churches that have been involved.

Please indicate your permission for media use that features you. *

I take responsibility for any willful damages that may occur on camp.

I acknowledge that while Baptist Churches SA will take all due care, accidents may occur and I acknowledge that risk of injury is inherent in any physical activity or games.

If I willfully damage property during camp I will cover any costs incurred for repairs.

By typing your full name below you acknowledge you have read and agree to the above terms of the leader consent. *

Please read the following Volunteer Ministry agreement carefully.

I have a living faith in Jesus Christ.

I am an active and regular member of a local church.

I will offer myself to serve on Easter Camp doing whatever is required of me at all times.

I agree to attend all meetings and training days leading up to camp.

I understand that my youth leader or pastor may be contacted by the Easter Camp Core Team.

I understand I will be a role model on camp and will act accordingly.

I will provide duty of care to the young people in my care at all times.

I agree to complete a Police Check and undergo Child Protection Training.

I am willing to work under the leadership of the EC Core Team and Camp Director.

I understand that as a volunteer for the Baptist Churches of SA I will work within the code of ethics and child protection policies and procedures established by the Baptist Churches of SA. In the event that a complaint is made against me I will cooperate with the Director of Professional Standards and any investigation that is established into my conduct on camp.

By typing your full name below you acknowledge you have read and agree to the above terms of the Volunteer Ministry Agreement: *

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Please note that we are not able to accept payment on camp. We will need to receive your camp payment in full prior to the start of camp, otherwise, you will not be able to register on Day 1 of camp.

We realise that some leaders may be experiencing genuine hardship in paying to come to camp.

We hope to make this camp accessible to everyone, so if this is you, please speak to Beth on (08) 8357 1755.

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You can pay via Direct Debit using the following details:

Name: Baptist Churches of South Australia
BSB: 085-375
Account Number: 029102502

Please type your SURNAME - EC2018 in the description field.

Your total for Easter Camp comes to {{var_price}}

You can pay via Cheque using the following details:

Cheque payable to:
Baptist Churches of South Australia,
PO Box 432 
Unley, SA

Your total for Easter Camp comes to {{var_price}}

Please call (08) 83571755 and the staff at Baptist Churches of SA will sort out your payment.

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